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Here, Users can share exclusive content that's accessible only to subscribers who purchase a monthly subscription.

In addition to regular subscription content, creators can boost their earnings through tips and paid posts.
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Powered by a mobile-first, user-friendly design with De themes, RTL, and localization capabilities, JustFans empowers creators to monetize their premium content through various channels, including monthly subscriptions, offers, bundles, tips, and pay-to-unlock posts.

Posting Content:
To start posting content and earning money, create an account and, depending on platform settings, verify it. Access the "Create post" page to upload media by dragging and dropping files or clicking the file icon below the text area.

Once your account is active, purchase user subscriptions, send tips, and unlock posts using your Credit/debit card via Paystack or Make payment through cryptocurrency.

Valid subscriptions allow you to engage in live messenger conversations.


Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Taxes & Rates:
Platform taxes, set by the site administrator, can be configured as an exclusive tax or custom set and applied at withdrawal.

Creators can request withdrawals at any time, with options for Bank Transfer for Nigerians, Other payment methods for other African countries & Payment through cryptocurrency for various countries worldwide.

Withdrawals are manually processed by the administrator, ensuring a two-factor check.

Reporting a User or a Post:
To report a user or content, visit the user's profile or post, click the three dots icon, and select "report."

Admins will analyze and take appropriate action.

Users can also block others from viewing their profile or messaging them.

Got Questions?
For any inquiries, feel free to contact us through the Contact Page.